Thursday, April 8, 2010

I think I have the right to be mad!

So, I put the PR mini wardrobe contest on hold so that I could spend all the time necessary to help my daughter with her Spanish project. We painted, cut, glued, stenciled, you name it (I'll try to post some pictures) to get it done and hopefully take home something higher than the 3rd place she got last year. But kids are so mean!!! I hand delivered the project to the school myself and it was beautiful. Yesterday, however I received several very panicked text messages telling me that the project had be vandalized. I emailed the teacher to make sure that the grade reflected the work that was put into the assignment. Being a think ahead kind of chic, I sent my daughter to school yesterday with a bottle of rubber cement to make any on the spot fixes, so I told her to use it for the repairs and hope for the best. The next text message I received said and I quote "I don't care about this stupid project, I'm not going to win so why bother trying to fix it". WHAT!!!!! Why in the heck did I spend every weekend for three months at home helping or schlepping you to the store to spend MY mad money (better known as fabric money) working on something that you could care less about. Then she says "I don't know why you are so mad, it's my project". Be on the look out to see my face on the news for wiping this girl off the planet.

On a side note: The dress is near complete. I will put in the zipper and do the hem when I get home. The office is more of a mess now that I tried to clean it, so that is still a work in progress. I am hoping that I can get the top cut out tonight. Even though I don't see any way to finish all the pieces in time for the S.W.A.P., I think I still deserve the wardrobe.

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