Friday, August 6, 2010

Butterick B5746 Fitting Shell

I have been working on the Butterick Fitting Shell for what seems like an eternity now. I have managed to get the bodice to fit around (since my local Joann's only had the pattern in a size 14), but there is soooo much still wrong with it. The darts on the flat pattern seem to be in the right places and pointing to the apex, but in fabric they are way off. The back has a decent fit, but the neckline sits too high and the darts bubble. I used the armhole line closet to the body but it still seems wide across the upper chest. I have been using FFRP, Fast Fit and Fabulous Fit to try and work out some of the issues, but I am stuck. I am heading over to Pattern Review to send out an SOS signal to see what advice I can gather from the fit experts there. 

On the plus side, my coworker sent me pictures this morning of her new baby sporting the onesie and blanket I made for them. She said it fits like a glove and the blanket is super soft. At least someone is getting a good fit out of my sewing studio.

This week I will be busily making a top for my sister, a top for my daughter and a dress for my mom in preparation for an upcoming party. If I decide to go, I guess I'll be there naked LOL since the "dress code" is all white. Until next time!