Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stepping Back to Move Ahead

I have spent the past week and a half being a sewing blog voyeur (there are some talented and funny ladies out there in blog land). When my DD told me last summer that she wanted to become a fashion designer and I signed us both up for two sewing classes my only goal was to convince her to select a different career (we all want a doctor no?). Needless to say, I have been SUCKED into the world of sewing myself. I have made several hideous looking items with the comfort of being able to say that each item was better than the last. Since it appears that I will not be packing the sewing machine away any time soon, I thought I would put together a list of goals. So here they are (in no particular order):

2010 Sewing Goals
1. A basic White Shirt
2. A Maxi Dress
3. A Sheath Dress
4. A Shirt Dress
5. A Trench Coat
6. A Floral Print
7. Jeans
8. A Bra
9. A Little Black Dress
10. A Great Fitting Tee

Now, the one thing I can promise is that I will become completely distracted from this list along the way but it's out in the universe now.

For the short term I need to finish moving all the sewing stuff from the living room to the office. My mom (her cleaning company clean my house) and my daughter are past complaining that sewing has taken over every corner of the living room. I still need a proper table for the office before I can make the transition, but if nothing else the fabric stash needs to move ASAP. I am on a quest to get "fitting and alterations" down, but from what I have read it's an ongoing process. I also want to start documenting my progress and posting it here on a regular basis (this blog thing is new to me). Hopefully I will also get around to dressing this page up a little, since it is quite dull for me. That's all for now!

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