Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Prep Week

Well since the disaster that was to be pants, I have not touched the sewing machine since. I instead am using this week as a "prep" week of sorts. I am working on my least favorite part of sewing... The pattern tracing! So, in an attempt to check off some things from my goal list I have traced out McCall's M6034 views A & B. A the red one pictured will be for myself and B the blue one pictured will be for my sister. Although the top for me doesn't count toward any of the items on the list, I figured while I had that envelope out I might as well trace it off.

The next item I traced out was Simplicity 3882 view C. I plan to use this as the maxi dress so I added about 5 inches to the length. I know there are plenty of patterns out now for maxi dresses, but I am "fasting" from purchasing any patterns or fabric for the moment so that I will actually use up some of the stash I have accumulated in the 9 short months since my daughter and I took our first sewing class.
I have two more patterns on the table waiting to be ironed and traced. McCall's M5522 view D will serve as my Basic White Shirt and Simplicity 2403 view B (I think) will serve as my Shirt Dress.
J also asked for me to make her something, which is different since she usually just makes it herself. I use to like sewing for her and my sister a lot better than sewing for myself because with the exception of a FBA for my sister, I can usually sew straight from the envelope for them. Well I already had McCall's M5929 view B traced out for J in her usual size and right before I was about to start pinning the pieces to the fabric I decided to tissue fit. SURPRISE, it did not fit so it looks like we will be taking some new measurements before she can get this top.
Depending on how quickly I can get through tracing the 2 patterns I have out right now will let me know if I stop there and start alterations or if I keep going and trace off some other patterns. My thoughts right now are Simplicity 2401 view C and maybe NewLook 6354 view C (so that I can once again try to master a pant).

Oh well, I'll keep you posted.

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