12 in 2012

Suzie over at Su Sews So-So has taken a different twist on making New Year's Resoulutions and it seemed like just the thing I needed. Although I do not have 12 items in each category, I have listed below the items that I would like to audition this year to help me take my sewing to a new level. I will be adding to this list as well as checking it off as I complete the items.

12 Pieces of Handmade Clothing:

1. White Button Down Shirt
2. Chanel Style Jacket
3. Suit Trousers  
4. Everyday Pants
5. Suit Jacket
6. Jeans
Sheath Dress / LBD
Trench Coat
9. Some sort of under-garment.
10. Wildcard!
11. Wildcard!
12. Wildcard!
12 New Sewing Techniques:

1. Hand-picked zip
2. Piping
3. Scallops
4. Boning
5. Hong Kong Seams
6. French Seams
7. Underlining
8. Pad stitching
9. Thread Tracing
10. Embellish (beads, embroidery, etc)
11. Wildcard!
12. Wildcard!
12 New Sewing Skills:

1. Sew from a vintage pattern
2. Sew with silk
3. Sew with wool
4. Make a garment from an Independent Designer (Sewaholic, Collette, etc)

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  1. Hi Renae - so glad you are joining in with this challenge! Your goals sound excellent, can't wait to see how you get on. And I think you were pretty wise leaving some goals blank...I am already wishing I had a few blank spaces that I could fill up as the year progresses!