Thursday, January 26, 2012


I picked some of my patterns for the Basic Wardrobe Sew Along! For most of you this is an easy part of the process, but as my little sister so kindly pointed out I am too much of a perfectionist to allow it to be simple. First up on Lori’s list is a pair of black ponte pants. I choose Burda Magazine 11/2010 #122. It is a straight leg with a back leg seam. I’ve read a lot about Burda pant patterns being easier to fit, so for my first attempt at pants I figured I would set myself up for success (the additional seam can’t hurt either).

Next on the list is a dark wash jean. I selected the much talked about Jalie #2908. All the reviews on PatternReview make this sound like a MUST have, so I ordered mine today. The pattern is for a stretch jean with two rise options in sizes ranging from kids to adults, so it will no doubt get plenty of use. I should have it in plenty of time to get it fitted, etc before the sewing begins. I’ve never worked with a Jalie pattern before, so this sew along is shaping up to be a “let’s try new things” sew along (which I think counts toward my Res-sew-lutions).

The third item on the list is a white button down shirt. I selected McCall’s Palmer/Pletch M5433 which features three different lengths as well as sleeve variations. I already have a great shirting fabric that I pick up last year from Cynthia’s Fine Fabric with the intentions of making a button down. I also hope that the fitting will not be as challenging since this pattern has all the alteration lines printed on it already.

I have made some progress on Simplicity 2404 Amazing Fit pattern that I am working on, so once that it off the table I can get to this great list of basics. If you haven’t already checked out Lori or Lynne’s blogs, do so now for all the details.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Decisions Decisions

Ever since I started sewing (WAY back in 2009) one of the hardest parts of the process for me has always been deciding what style/pattern/fabric combination I wanted to use. I think many of my not so successful pieces have come about because of bad style to body or fabric to pattern choices. Which leads me to today. I know that I need a basic wardrobe, with a classic style. Nothing trendy just yet, I figure I can add those on in pieces. Suzie over at Su SewsSo-So has put out a 12 in 2012 challenge to help motivate us into sewing something at least monthly. Which is exactly what I needed to get me moving. I then saw that Lori over at Girls in the Garden is hosting a Wardrobe Sew Along which is also perfect. All that to say this… I have been working on Simplicity S2404 the Amazing Fit dress to count towards the 12 in 2012, but I find myself eating through time trying to pick the right pattern to use to make the black ponte pants for the Wardrobe Sew Along. No sewing for either challenge happening, just a lot of second guessing. So tonight I think I am going to work on the dress so that I can get that finished and posted. Then I will start on the pants and hope by then I will have found the “right” pattern. I’m I the only one that is so torn by these decisions?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year, New Blog, New Me?

Welcome, Happy New Year, Happy MLK Day and anything else that I missed since the first of the year. It was my intention to get this up by the first of the year, but you already know about that road paved with good intentions. I have during the past year really reevaluated by new found hobby and wanted to capture on paper (internet, what have you) a wish list of things I would like to tackle for the New Year. While I will most certainly deviate from this list I thought it a good starting place by jotting down a few things. So here goes, in no particular order:

1.      Work on fitting and fitting alterations. – I seem to start off a pattern on the right path, then get stuck once I start making adjustments. I may be over fitting, but I’m not sure.

2.      Find a local sewing circle. – While I love reading blogs and feel as though I know these sewist personally I would love to have someone that I could ask to help me take back measurements and the like.

3.      Make an attempt at fitting and sewing pants. – I have had wearable success with tops and dresses (not love affairs, but passable) but have been way too timid about attempting pants. When I first started sewing this was my only motivation to learn and yet I have never tried it.

4.      Plan and execute at least 4 mini wardrobes. – This for me is really ambitious. The planning stage is painfully slow (like I don’t want to pick the “wrong” patterns), then I sew maybe a piece from the collection and wonder off in a different direction altogether.

5.      Nail down some TNT patterns – I know that this takes time, but some of my favorite bloggers make so much use of their TNT patterns that I want to have some of my own.

6.      Sew quality – I want to sew with fabric that is gorgeous instead of just fabric that is on sale. So if that means I can only have 1 great item per month instead of 5 ok items, then so be it.

7.      Stop rushing – I have always been an instant gratification type chic, but that has not served me well in the sewing world (back to the 1 item vs 5 items).

8.      Develop a style – I have lived most of my adult life not caring about what I put on (as long as it was clean). As I get older, I find myself wanting have a well put together look. Which seems to include layering and accessories which I have never done.

9.      Keep up with this blog – I have learned so much about so many things from reading blogs. I want this to be a place that helps someone someday.

Well I think that’s it for right now. I’m sure I will add to this list as the year progresses, but I should not be subtracting from it (unless completed that is).

Sew Long For Today,