Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oh Where Does The Time Go

So, I have not touch this blog in sometime and I think it is about to have me brought up on charges for neglect. I have been sewing, however only one of the items that I had traced during my self imposed "prep week". If I can get my photographer (ie. my DD) to take some photos tonight then I will start posting and reviewing the patterns. I am still fabric "fasting" but the patterned fast was short lived. I am currently finishing up a baby shower gift for a coworker and then next up on the cutting table is a muslin of the Vogue fitting shell. I am hoping to get it fine tuned so that I can use it as a starting point for the MANY projects in line behind it. I have never tried a real fitting before so I foresee a lot of time, pictures and questions on PR for help. I have quite a To Do list ready and waiting for me to get a better fit, which I will list tomorrow to keep me accountable. LOL! As for the 2010 list that I already have posted, I have pattern traced, fabric and notions for the White Shirt, The Shirt Dress, The Maxi Dress and the Bra (no notions on this one, but the piece are cut out for a quick baste fitting).
Oh in case your keeping up, the project that caused me to miss the PR Mini Wardrobe contest came in 1st Place for our state. So J got both of us bent out of shape for nothing! More tomorrow!


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