Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Dog Whisperer

Just after school ended this past June, the girl decided that she HAD to have a dog. While I'm not big on the idea of having to take care of yet another living thing I figured what the hay. So on June 13th we brought home 8 week old Zorro. J has been potty training, clicker training, grooming, etc. I arrive home from work on Monday to find both J and Zorro in my office/sewing room. My first thought... "Don't y'all have the entire house? Why must my WoMan Cave now be shared?" When I asked what they were doing, other than watching the Disney channel (she had the nerve to change the channel on my TV LOL), J promptly told me that Zorro was cold and NEEDED a jacket. So, they were picking fabric and taking measurements. I normally post her projects to her website, but since they invaded my space I thought I would post this one here as well.
I think she did a pretty amazing job (I think her fitting is better than mine). There are matching shoes in the works right now as well as a raincoat and rain boots. It looks like I will have no choice but to repair my Singer so that I can set that machine up too.

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