Friday, November 2, 2012

Review: Fit Nice Sew Slim System & Workshop

This past weekend the Ft. Lauderdale chapter of the ASG hosted a T-Shirt fitting workshop with Judy Kessinger (the self proclaimed Queen of Glue) of Fit Nice Sew Slim.
The system consists of two patterns a knit top and woven pant. The master top pattern fits Bust Sizes 32" to 42" and the finished garment size for bust and hip is printed on the pattern for ease of selecting a size. The pattern should be traced on to pattern paper and all changes to your pattern should be done on that, leaving the original intact. The workshop began with Judy measuring and tracing patterns for each of the ladies in attendance. We were then instructed to sew the shoulder seams together and put the top over our heads for her to assess the fit in the neck and shoulders before continuing. Once that was complete, we had the choice between four necklines (Mitered V-Neck, Crossover V-Neck, Scoop Neck or a Ruffled Neckline). Judy demonstrated each neckline several times and we were off once again to complete that portion.
I selected the Crossover V-Neck since that was a technique that I had never tried before. I was super simple and I can see myself using it again. Next up was the sleeves; Judy has you sew those in flat using her 3 pin bunching technique. I was amazed that my sleeves went in without puckers on the first try, defiantly will do that again on t-shirts. The only thing left at this point was sewing the side seams and the hems. The size pattern Judy selected for me was 1 inch larger than the biggest size offered. The pattern uses only ½ inch seam allowances throughout. After several rounds of tweaking the side seams I ended up using the next to last size on the pattern (I could have gone down at least one more size) from bust to hip leaving the sleeves at the larger size. This pattern will not yield a fitted tee without drag lines but it will fit and is comfortable to wear. I purchase 2 of her variations (available for instant download on her site) for jackets since this is the best fitting sleeve I have sewn to date. The variations provide lots possibilities in an easy to understand format. I would highly recommend it, especially to the beginner.

I would also like to thank the WONDERFUL ladies of the ASG for being so kind, welcoming and funny!

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  1. Hi Renae, I just found your blog through the Map the Sewintists project. I'm trying to create a group where sewists in our area can connect with one another. I just created a group on Facebook, Florida Fashion Sewists. Please join us if you're interested! I'm hoping we will have enough members to hold a meet-up soon. Until then, it's a great chance to share tips, projects, and see what others around you are working on. Hope we'll see you there :)