Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Decisions Decisions

Ever since I started sewing (WAY back in 2009) one of the hardest parts of the process for me has always been deciding what style/pattern/fabric combination I wanted to use. I think many of my not so successful pieces have come about because of bad style to body or fabric to pattern choices. Which leads me to today. I know that I need a basic wardrobe, with a classic style. Nothing trendy just yet, I figure I can add those on in pieces. Suzie over at Su SewsSo-So has put out a 12 in 2012 challenge to help motivate us into sewing something at least monthly. Which is exactly what I needed to get me moving. I then saw that Lori over at Girls in the Garden is hosting a Wardrobe Sew Along which is also perfect. All that to say this… I have been working on Simplicity S2404 the Amazing Fit dress to count towards the 12 in 2012, but I find myself eating through time trying to pick the right pattern to use to make the black ponte pants for the Wardrobe Sew Along. No sewing for either challenge happening, just a lot of second guessing. So tonight I think I am going to work on the dress so that I can get that finished and posted. Then I will start on the pants and hope by then I will have found the “right” pattern. I’m I the only one that is so torn by these decisions?

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